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Sanford Railroad Historical Data

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Location: at the intersection of West First Street and Myrtle Ave, Sanford, FL
County: Seminole
Coordinates: N 28° 48.709    W 081° 16.2
  28.81181666    -81.27
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Side 1
Sanford railroading had its physical beginning January 10, 1880 when former President U. S. Grant broke ground near this spot for the South Florida RR. The South Florida RR operated from 1880-1886, its name successively changed to Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West Ry, 1886-1899, the Plant System 1899-1902, the Atlantic Coast Line RR 1902-1967, the Seaboard Coast Line RR 1967-1980, and in 1980 becoming the CSX Corporation, a union of the Seaboard and the Chessie Systems. With at least 25 railroad trains a day positioned along these facilities, Sanford became an important early railroad center. A 12 mile loop route around the celery farms east of Sanford made it Florida's first city with an integrated rail system. The state's largest railroad ice plant a the Rand Yard allowed farmers to ship celery and other produce nation-wide, making Sanford the "Celery Capital of the World." Today, in 1995 Sanford is the southern terminus of Auto Train. The other side of the marker shows locations of important transportation sites of the 1890s.

Side 2
[Map] Lake Monroe, First Street, Seventh Street, Ninth Street, Cedar (Avenue), French Avenue, Oak Avenue, Park Avenue, Jacksonville, Tampa, & Key West Railway, Orange Belt Railway, South Florida Railroad, Sanford & Indian River Railroad
Legend ]
1. South Florida RR - Steamboat Wharf (1885)
2. South Florida RR - Depot
3. Plant Investment Co. Bldg. (PICO) (still standing)
4. RR - Ice plant in Rand Yard
5. RR - Shops, Roundhouse & RR Hospital
6. to Jacksonville
7. to Eustis (Sanford & Lake Eustis Ry.)
8. to St. Petersburg (Orange Belt Ry.)
9. to Tampa
10. to Oviedo (Sanford & Indian River RR)

Seminole County Historical Commission