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Ft. Armstrong

Marker ID:  
Location: On County Route 476, between County Roads 603 and 605, Bushnell, FL.
County: Sumter
Coordinates: N 28° 39.468    W 082° 7.582
  28.6578    -82.12636666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WMK8KC


During the Second Seminole Indian War (1835-42) a number of military forts were constructed in Florida. These forts served as supply bases and other logistic supports. Near this site was constructed Ft. Armstrong. The fort was constructed in November 1836 by a detatchment of Tennessee Volunteers under the command of Major Robert Armstrong.
Also, near this site General Keith Call, in command of some 2500 troops, including a Florida Cavalry unit, a U.S. Artillery Battalion, a group of Tennessee Volunteers and several hundred Creek Indians, who had enlisted in the U.S. Army, encamped on November 20,1836. The following morning, this command moved out to meet a large group of Seminole Indians at the Battle of Wahoo Swamp. This battle was one of the fiercest battles of the war. The U.S. Forces were unsuccessful in destroying the Seminoles, and , as a result, General Call was relieved of his command.

Erected 1982 by Sumter County Historical Society.


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