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Mounds of Evidence

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Location: Seminole Rest on River Rd., Oak Hill , FL
County: Volusia
Coordinates: N 28° 52.239    W 080° 50.256
  28.87065    -80.8376
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMJ10E


Several mounds exist here at Seminole Rest. Snyder's Mound, the largest mound, is not one mass of shells but in some areas seventeen different layers deposited over time. In an effort to find clues to the Timucuans, archeologists are interpreting the layers.

Clamshells make up most of the mound layers even though other materials, including oyster, conchs, and whelk shells and the remains of sea trout, shark, and bass were discovered. The abundance of clamshells indicates the site was mostly used for harvesting clams.

There are layers that suggest there were periods when the mound was not used but instead was overgrown with vegetation. Remains of poke berry, palm berry, hackberry, and skullcap in the layers show vegetation has changed very little over the centuries. Many of these plants may have been used by the Timucuans for food, fuel, or medicine.

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