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Location: State Road 40 and Alice Dr, Astor, FL
County: Volusia
Coordinates: N 29° 10.128    W 081° 31.245
  29.1688    -81.52075
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WMTAG1



Volusia, on the east bank of the river St. Johns, is the birthplace of Volusia County and the oldest settlement. The United States Courts confirmed Horatio Dexter's 1815 Spanish title and Joseph Rattenbury's 1817 title to the 17,000-acre Volusia tract, which extended from the Macayan Indian Mounds (1558) north to Lake George. Volusia Township was surveyed in 1821 divided into government Lots in 1834 and confirmed on the United States Cadastral Survey Map.

This majestic oak marks the center of many historic sites: to the southwest, the fort and mission San Salvador de Macaya (1667); to the south, Spalding's "Upper Store" (1763), which became Panton, Leslie Indian Trading House (1776). Also in the vicinity during the Creek-Seminole Indian War period (1835-1858) were Forts Volusia, Call, Barnwell, and Columbia. Volusia Military Cemetery adjoined this site and the Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1845 within Ft. Call's enclosure.