Historic Markers Across Florida

Vernon, Florida

Marker ID: FLHM 
Location: Vernon
County: Washington
Waymark: None


Pioneer farmers and a few tradesmen began to settle the Northwest Florida wilderness as early as 1820. From a settlement known as Roches Bluff, the City of Vernon grew and became the center of government for Washington County, which was Vernons county seat from 1825 to 1927. County government business was conducted in private homes and later a log cabin meeting house until 1897, when a handsome, three-story courthouse was built here. When the government no longer needed the courthouse, the school system purchased the building and used it as a [grade school??]. The building was demolished in 1950. [What is there now?] Turpentine and timber industries prospered in and around Vernon until 1929, when effects o the 1929 stock market crash trickled into ever-remote Northwest Florida. From its Riverport near the city square, five locally owned steamboats carried on important commerce between Vernon and Pensacola until 1930. The City of Vernon maintains its loved rural environment, and gives tribute to the colorful, yet unvarnished, characters of folklore who are the heart of Washington County.Sponsors: the City of Vernon and the Florida Department of State


City: Vernon, FL