There are 55 Historic Markers in Aiken County.

1953 Gas Explosion   -    
  on Laurens Street SW south of Richland Avenue W, Aiken, SC        

Aiken   -   SCHM 2-23
  corner of Laurens St. and The Alley, Aiken, SC        

Aiken County   -   Aiken County Historical Commission 2-8
  Court House grounds, Aiken, SC        

Aiken County Farmer's Market   -   SCHM 2-32
  Williamsburg St. SE at Richland St. SE (U.S. Hwy. 78), Aiken, SC        

Aiken First Baptist Church   -   SCHM 2-29
  York St. NE (U.S. Hwy. 1) near its intersection with Richland Ave. (U.S. Hwy. 78), Aiken, SC        

Aiken Institute   -   SCHM 2-16
  just outside of the Aiken Library on Colleton Ave., Aiken, SC.        

Battle of Aiken   -    
  on Chesterfield Street NE near Richland Avenue (U.S. 78), in the median, Aiken, sc        

Beech Island Agricultural Club   -   SCHM 2-7
  US 278 at junction of Road 1139        

Beech Island Baptist Church   -   SCHM 2-14
  In front of the church, J 70 Church Road, Beech Island        

Coker Spring   -   SCHM 2-46
  Whiskey Rd. & Coker Springs Rd. SW        

Downer Institute & School   -    2-18
  On Williston Rd (US 278) at Hammond Rd, Spiderweb, SC.        

First Presbyterian Church of Aiken   -   SCHM 2-40
  224 Barnwell Ave. NW, Aiken, SC        

Fort Moore (Reverse)   -   Mason 2-9
  At Savannah River on SC 28        

Frederick Ergle Log Cabin   -    
  433 Newberry Street Southwest, Aiken, SC        

Graniteville Cemetery   -   SCHM 2-30
  At the entrance to Graniteville Cemetery on Gregg Highway, Graniteville, SC.        

Graniteville Mill   -   SCHM 2-22
  corner of Canal St. (S.C. Hwy. 191) and Marshall St., Graniteville, SC        

Hamburg   -   Aiken County Historical Commission 2-3
  US 1 west of East Martintown Road, North Augusta, SC     

Hampton Terrace Hotel   -   SCHM 2-17
  1000 block of Carolina Ave., North Augusta, SC        

Highland Park Hotel   -   SCHM 2-42
  corner of Highland Park Terrace SW and Highland Park Dr. SW, Aiken, SC        

Historic Church   -   All Saints Episcopal Church 2-4
  US 278 about 2 miles below Beech 1sland at entrance to Redcliffe Plantation State Park        

Hitchcock Woods   -   SCHM 2-31
  At the end of S Boundary Ave., Aiken, SC.        

Indian Head / The Middle Road   -   SCHM 2-58
  on John Nunn Highway (SC 389) , Salley, SC        

Jacksonville School Jacksonville Lodge   -   SCHM 2-28
  351 Huber Clay Rd., Langley, SC        

James U. Jackson (Reverse)   -   North Augusta Historical Society 2-5
  US 25-bus., N. Augusta, near Savannah River        

James U. Jackson Memorial Bridge (Front)   -   North Augusta Historical Society 2-5
  US 25-bus., N. Augusta, near Savannah River        

Jefferson High School / Rev. Austin Jefferson, Sr   -   SCHM 2-34
  170 Flint St., Bath, SC        

Marie Cromer Seigler House   -   SCHM 2-20
  S.C. Hwy. 191, Eureka community, 8 mi. N of Aiken, SC        

Millbrook Baptist Church   -   SCHM 2-25
  176 East Pine Log Rd., Aiken, SC        

North Augusta   -   SCHM 2-33
  John C. Calhoun Park, intersection of Carolina and Georgia Aves., North Augusta, SC        

Original Survey Of Aiken   -   SCHM 2-26
  corner of Laurens St. and Park Ave., Aiken, SC        

P Reactor   -   SCHM 2-36
  Road F, Savannah River Site (Not Open to the Public)        

Pascalina (Reverse)   -   Aiken County Historical Society 2-10
  on US 78 about half mile below Montmorenci        

Pascalis Plantation (Front)   -   Aiken County Historical Society 2-10
  on US 78 about half mile below Montmorenci        

Pickens-Salley House   -   SCHM 2-24
  University of South Carolina Aiken Campus, Aiken, SC        

R Reactor   -   SCHM 2-37
  near the intersection of Roads E & G, Savannah River Site (Not Open to the Public)        

Samuel Hammond   -   Olde Towne Preservation Association 2-11
  North Augusta exit on 1-20, take SC 230 S for about 3 mi. to Georgia Ave., then R for about 0.6 mi. to Buena Vista Ave., then R about 0.6 mi. to Manly Dr., then left about 0.3 mi. to River View Park Activity Center.        

Savannah River Plant   -   SCHM 2-27
  intersection of S.C. Hwy. 19 and U.S. Hwy. 278 at the entrance to the plant, south of New Ellenton, SC        

Savannah Town (Front)   -   Mason 2-9
  At Savannah River on SC 28        

Schofield School   -   SCHM 2-19
  220 Sumter St., N.E., Aiken, SC        

Silver Bluff Baptist Church   -   SCHM 2-21
  360 Old Jackson Hwy., Beech Island, SC        

Site of Ellenton   -   Allenton Reunion Organization 2-13
  on NE side of SC J 25 at Aiken-Barnwell county line        

South Carolina Canal & Rail Road Company Original Track Location   -   SCHM 2-1
  Intersection Laurens and Park Avenue, Aiken, SC        

St. John's Methodist Church   -   SCHM 2-35
  Richland Ave. SE (U.S. Hwy. 78), between Newberry & Chesterfield Sts., Aiken, SC        

St. Thaddeus Church   -   SCHM 2-12
  Pendleton Street, between Richland Ave. and Hayne Ave., Aiken        

Storm Branch Baptist Church   -   SCHM 2-15
  153 Storm Branch Rd., Clearwater, SC, vicinity        

The Augusta and Aiken Railway   -   SCHM 2-38
  intersection of Barnwell Ave. NW & Laurens St. NW (S.C. Hwy. 19), Aiken, SC        

The Detection of the Neutrino, 1956 The Nobel Prize in Physics, 1995   -   SCHM 2-44
  Savannah River Site, Aiken vicinity        

The Hamburg Massacre   -   SCHM 2-45
  U.S. Hwy. 1/78/25 at the 5th St. Bridge, North Augusta, SC        

The Martintown Road   -   DAR 2-6
  on SC 230, 2 blocks S of intersection of SC230 (Martintown Rd.) and US 25 (Georgia Ave.), North Augusta        

The S.C. Railroad   -   SCHM 2-1
  at the intersection of Laurens Street SW and Park Avenue, Aiken, SC        

Wagener   -   SCHM 2-43
  Main St. N & Park St., Wagener, SC        

Water Trough and Drinking Fountain   -    
  433 Newberry Street Southwest, Aiken, SC        

Western Terminus South Carolina Railroad   -   Aiken County Historical Commission 2-2
  US I & US 25 at Savannah River        

Whitney Park   -   SCHM 2-39
  corner of S. Boundary Ave. SW and Chesterfield St. S, Aiken, SC        

World War II POW Camp   -   SCHM 2-41
  Mattie C. Hall Health Care Center, 830 Laurens St., Aiken, SC        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.