There are 14 Historic Markers in Allendale County.

Antioch Christian Church   -   SCHM 3-3
  on SC 3 about 2 miles S of u.s. 301        

Barker's Mill / Skirmish at Barker's Mill   -   SCHM 3-12
  Buford's Bridge Highway (U.S. 321)        

Beech Branch Baptist Church   -   SCHM 3-2
  Go N .9 miles from Allendale-Hampton line on Rd 41, then turn R on Rd 104, go about 1.2mi.        

Bethel Baptist Church   -   SCHM 3-10
  at the intersection of Confederate Highway (State Road 640) and Bethel Church Road (State Route S-3-106).        

Bethlehem Church   -   SCHM 3-4
  Boundary Street, entrance to Faiifax Town Cemetery        

Fairfax   -   SCHM 3-11
  on 7th Street W near its intersect with Allendale Faifax Highway (US 278).        

Happy Home Baptist Church   -   SCHM 3-14
  Memorial Ave., near Railroad Ave, Allendale, SC        

Harmony Baptist Church   -   SCHM 3-8
  Harmony Church Road (S.C. Sec. Rd. 3-40), just E of its intersection with S.C. Sec. Rd. 3-134, Sycamore vicinity        

Old Allendale   -   SCHM 3-7
  SW of Allendale at intersection of roads 107 & 47, SW comer        

Old St. Nicholas Cemetery   -   SCHM 3-9
  intersection of Confederate Highway (State Highway 641) and Ulmer Road (State Road 3-48),        

Smyrna Baptist Church   -   SCHM 3-1
  SC 22 SW of Allendale, SC        

Speedwell Methodist Church   -   SCHM 3-13
  Speedwell Church Rd., Millett, SC        

St. Nicholas Church   -   SCHM 3-6
  E. comer of intersection of SC 641 and road 40, about 0.7 mile west of Salkehatchie River        

Town of Allendale   -   SCHM 3-5
  In front of county administration building on US 301, Allendale        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.