Anderson County (04)

Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Anderson County was created on 1826.

The county seat is in Anderson, SC.,
and the county is 757 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12007

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There are 49 Historic Markers in Anderson County.

"Old Reformer" Cannon   -    
  202 East Greenville Street, Anderson, SC        

"The Hundreds"   -   SCHM 4-38
  305 West Queen Street, Pendleton, SC        

African American School Site   -   SCHM 4-24
  Pendleton, SC, north side of Vance Street, near Broad        

Anderson Mills   -   SCHM 4-18
  Glenn Street at Anderson Mills, Anderson        

Anderson: "The Electric City"   -   SCHM 4-25
  on the grounds of the old Anderson County Courthouse, Anderson        

Ashtabula   -   SCHM 4-15
  SC 88, 1.5 miles NE of Pendleton, SC        

Barkers Creek Church   -   SCHM 4-9
  SC 252, 2 miles W of Honea Path        

Barnard Elliott Bee   -   SCHM 4-10
  East Queen Street at St. Paul's Church, Pendleton, SC        

Belton Academy / Central School   -   SCHM 4-40
  306 Anderson Street, Belton, SC        

Big Creek Baptist Church   -   SCHM 4-3
  SC 20 at Big Creek Road, Williamston        

Blue Ridge Railroad Passenger Station   -    
  124 North Main Street, Anderson, SC        

Boy High School   -    
  202 East Greenville Street, Anderson SC        

Carnegie library   -   SCHM 4-27
  on Main Street in Honea Path, SC        

Chamberlain-Kay House   -   SCHM 4-42
  at the intersection of River St (State Highway 247) and William St, Belton, SC        

Clement Hoffman Stevens   -   SCHM 4-29
  on E Queen St. (SC 300) near N Elm St., Pendleton, SC, SC.        

Confederate Skirmish   -   SCHM 4-8
  SC 20, Williamston        

Dean / Dean’s Station   -   SCHM 4-33
  S.C. Hwy. 81, 1 mi. N of Star, SC        

Ebenezer Methodist Church   -   SCHM 4-39
  at the intersection of Due West Highway (State Highway 185) and County Road 17-60A, Anderson, SC        

Farmers Hall   -   SCHM 4-4
  Town Green, Pendleton, SC        

First Presbyterian Church   -    
  on W Whitner St (SC 24) near Rolly St., Anderson, SC.        

Generostee A.R.P Church   -   SCHM 4-31
  Parker Bowie Rd., NW of Iva, SC        

Good Hope Church   -   SCHM 4-5
  SC 81, near Iva, SC        

Good Hope Presbyterian Church Cemetery   -   SCHM 4-32
  Just off Parker Bowie Rd., in the triangle formed by its junction with Warren Watt Rd. and Old Bell Rd., 3 mi. N of Iva, SC        

Grace Episcopal Church   -   SCHM 4-30
  on S McDuffie St. at E Reed St, Anderson. SC.        

Greenville & Columbia RR / Belton   -   SCHM 4-36
  at the Belton Area Museum, Belton Depot, 100 N. Main St., Belton, SC        

High Shoals   -   SCHM 4-2
  US 76, 2 miles E of Anderson, SC        

Hopewell Church   -   SCHM 4-13
  Off SC 81, 112 mile E on Road 29        

Moffettsville   -   SCHM 4-19
  on SC 184 about 2.5 miles W of Iva, SC        

Moffettsville Postmaster Appointments   -   SCHM 4-19
  on SC 184 about 2.5 miles W of Iva, SC        

Mr. & Mrs. Wilton E. Hall   -    
  at the intersection of South Manning St and East Church St, Anderson, SC        

Nazareth on the Beaverdam Presbyterian Church / Townville Presbyterian Church   -   SCHM 4-34
  Fairplay Rd., just S of its junction with Jolly Rd., 2.5 mi. W of Townville        

Old Hopewell Cemetery   -   SCHM 4-14
  SE corner of intersection of SC 81 and Road 29        

Oliver Bolt's Cotton Gin   -   SCHM 4-26
  3 miles west of Anderson on SC Hwy. 24        

Pendleton   -   SCHM 4-22
  on Village Green on E. Queen Street, Pendleton, SC        

Pickens Cemetery   -   SCHM 4-24
  Near Pickens-Anderson County line off SC 88 on Road 485        

Portman Shoals   -   SCHM 4-1
  SC 24 at Seneca River, 1 mile S of 1-85        

Printer John Miller   -   SCHM 4-6
  Road 300 in Pendleton, SC        

Richard W. Simpson   -   SCHM 4-21
  Abt 4 miles E of Pendleton, SC on Road 115        

Roberts Church   -   SCHM 4-23
  9 miles W of Anderson on SC 187        

Sandy Springs Camp Ground / Confederate Muster Ground   -   SCHM 4-28
  Milwee Creek Rd. (S.C. Sec. Rd. 4-58), near Sandy Springs United Methodist Church, just E of Sandy Springs, SC        

St. John's Methodist Church   -   SCHM 4-7
  South McDuffie and East River Streets, Anderson        

St. Paul Methodist Church   -   SCHM 4-35
  2513 Brushy Creek Rd., Easley, SC, vicinity        

Temple B'Nai Isreal   -   SCHM 4-41
  1302 North Oakland Avenue, Anderson, SC        

Thomas Green Clemson (1807-1888)   -   SCHM 4-17
  Paul's Episcopal Church, E. Queen St., Pendleton, SC        

Townville Presbyterian Church   -   SCHM 4-37
  9001 S.C. Hwy. 24, Townville        

University Hill   -   SCHM 4-11
  South Main Street, Anderson        

William Bullein Johnson (1782-1862)   -   SCHM 4-12
  Manning Street at First Baptist Church, Anderson        

Williamston Female College   -   SCHM 4-16
  SC 20 across from Williamston Springs Park, Williamston        

Woodburn Plantation   -   SCHM 4-20
  on US 76 and SC 28 at Road 279, Wof Pendleton, SC        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.