Chester County (12)

Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Chester County was created on 1785.

The county seat is in Chester, SC.,
and the county is 586 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12023

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There are 21 Historic Markers in Chester County.

A Nest with a Bird's-Eye View   -    
  2051 Park Dr, Catawba, SC        

Alexander's Old Fields   -   SCHM 12-6
  Intersection of SC 99 and SC 97, about 3 miles N of Great Falls        

Battle Of Beckhamville May 1780   -    
  at the intersection of State Highway 97 and State Highway 99, Beckhamville, SC        

Battle of Fishdam Ford   -   SCHM 12-2
  SC 215, just E of the Broad River Bridge        

Battle Of Fishing Creek   -   SCHM 12-3
  US 21, about 2 miles N of Great Falls        

Blaser Building (1871-1874)   -    
  127 Main Street, Chester SC        

Brainerd Institute   -   SCHM 12-10
  Lancaster St., Chester, SC        

Burrel Hemphill   -    
  at the intersection of Hopewell Church Rd and Aiken Creek Rd, Blackstock, SC        

Catholic Presbyterian Church   -   SCHM 12-1
  SC 97 at Rd 355, about 12.7 miles SE of Chester        

Chester County Courthouse   -   SCHM 12-9
  on Dawson Dr, Chester, SC        

Chester County Courthouse (1825-1855)   -    
  140 Main Street, Chester, SC        

Chester Hotel Building (1866-1876)   -    
  120 Main Street, Chester, SC        

Chester State Park   -    
  near the Ranger's Station, 759 State Park Drive, Chester, SC        

Confederate Parrott Field Rifle   -    
  on Main Street (State Highway 72`), Chester SC        

Davega Building   -    
  128 Main Street, Chester, SC        

Fishing Creek Church   -   SCHM 12-7
  at the intersection of Steele Village Rd and Fishing Creek Church Rd, Chester, SC        

Great Indian Warrior Trading Path   -    
  can be reached from Canal Road (South Carolina Route 330) near Landsford Road (South Carolina Route 843), Fort Lawn, SC        

Home Site Of Justice John Gaston   -   SCHM 12-4
  SC 9, just Waf bridge over Fishing Creek        

Landsford   -   SCHM 12-5
  Intersection of us 21 and Road 327        

Landsford Canal State Park Trails   -    
  2051 Park Drive, Catawba, SC        

Welcome to Landsford Canal State Park   -    
  2051 Park Drive, Catawba, SC        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.