Dillon County (17)

Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Dillon County was created on 1910.

The county seat is in Dillon, SC.,
and the county is 407 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12033

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There are 19 Historic Markers in Dillon County.

Catfish Creek Baptist Church   -   SCHM 17-6
  Intersection of Road 63 and Road 41, Latta, SC        

Dillon County   -   SCHM 17-8
  Dillon County Courthouse grounds, Dillon        

Dillon County Courthouse   -   SCHM 17-8
  Dillon County Courthouse grounds, Dillon        

Dillon Graded School and Dillon Public School   -   SCHM 17-17
  intersection of 3th Ave and E Washington St, Dillon, SC        

Early Cotton Press   -   SCHM 17-3
  SC 38, 0.3 mile W of its junction with SC 917        

Florence Railroad Company   -   SCHM 17-12
  Near Seaboard Coastline railroad depot, Main Street, Dillon        

Ford’s Mill & Page’s Mill / Lake View   -   SCHM 17-14
  on N Main St (SC 41), Lake View SC        

James W. Dillon House Museum   -   SCHM 17-2
  1304 West Main Street, Dillon        

Joel Allen House   -   SCHM 17-4
  Intersection of Roads 38 and 29 at Centerville Crossroads, 7 miles NW of Latta        

Leland Grove School   -   SCHM 17-16
  SC 57, west of Bakers Rd, Dillon, SC        

Main Street Methodist Church   -   SCHM 17-13
  on E. Mina St (SC 9/57) at N 6th Ave., Dillon, SC        

Pee Dee Church   -   SCHM 17-11
  SC 9, about 2 miles E of Dillon, turn right on Road 44 and travel about 3 miles to the church        

Pine Hill A.M.E. Church / Pine Hill Rosenwald School   -   SCHM 17-15
  2258 Centerville Rd., Latta, SC        

Reedy Creek Springs   -   SCHM 17-10
  Near Marlboro-Dillon county line, about 1 mile S of Bingham on SC 34        

Saint Paul Methodist Church   -   SCHM 17-7
  Town of Little Rock, about 150 yards E of the intersection of SC 9 and Road 23        

Selkirk Farm   -   SCHM 17-5
  Intersection of Roads 28 and 38, about 3.5 miles NE of Bingham        

The Latta Library   -   SCHM 17-9
  Main and Marion streets, Latta, SC        

The Meeting House   -   SCHM 17-1
  Road 56 at Bear Swamp Baptist Church        

Town of Dillon   -   SCHM 17-12
  Near Seaboard Coastline railroad depot, Main Street, Dillon        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.