Dorchester County (18)

Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Dorchester County was created on 1868.

The county seat is in St. George, SC.,
and the county is 577 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12035

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There are 23 Historic Markers in Dorchester County.

Alston Graded School / Alston High School   -   SCHM 18-9
  corner of N. Cedar St. and W. 1st N. Sts., Summerville, SC        

Appleby's Methodist Church   -   SCHM 18-10
  Old Wire Rd. (S.C. Sec. Rd. 18-19), at its junction with Cowtail Rd. (S.C. Sec. Rd. 18-71), St. George, SC        

Archdale Hall   -   SCHM 18-11
  Archdale Blvd., S of Dorchester Rd. (S.C. Hwy. 161) between Lincoln Blvd. and Park Gate Dr., Summerville, SC        

Arthur Middleton   -   SCHM 18-4
  SC 61, 12 miles NW of Charleston, SC        

Badham House / Dorchester Lumber Company   -   SCHM 18-18
  Bedham Drive (U.S. 78), 0.2 miles west from I-95, S.C. Exit 77 (US 78), Reevesville, SC        

Cypress Methodist Camp Ground   -   SCHM 18-14
  ust S of Cypress Campground Rd./Myers Mayo Rd. (S.C. Sec. Rd. 18-182), between U.S. Hwy. 78 and I-26, Ridgeville, SC        

Dorchester   -   SCHM 18-17
  at the intersection of U.S. 78 and School House Road (County Route S-18), Dorchester, SC        

Fort Dorchester   -   SCHM 18-3
  SC 642 at Dorchester State Park        

Grover Methodist Church   -   SCHM 18-13
  U.S. Hwy. 15, 5 mi. S of Grover, SC        

Harley's Tavern & Four Holes Swamp Bridge   -   SCHM 18-7
  near junction of Hwy 178 & 78, Ridgeville, SC        

Harleyville   -   SCHM 18-21
  at the intersection of Main Street (U.S. 178) and North Railroad Ave, Harleyville, SC        

Koger-Murray-Carroll House   -   SCHM 18-12
  Old Wire Rd. (S.C. Sec. Rd. 18-19) just E of I-95, 2.5 mi. W of Grover, SC        

Middleton Place   -   SCHM 18-4
  SC 61, 12 miles NW of Charleston, SC        

Newington Plantation   -   SCHM 18-6
  Plantation Circle, Summerville Newington Plantation        

Old Dorchester   -   SCHM 18-1
  SC 642 at Dorchester State Park        

Old Town Hall   -   SCHM 18-8
  201 West Carolina Ave., Summerville, SC        

Old White Meeting House and Cemetery   -   SCHM 18-5
  At church site and cemetery, Summerville area        

Parish Church of St. George, Dorchester   -   SCHM 18-2
  SC 642 at Dorchester State Park        

SC Canal & Rail Road Company   -    
  on N Parler Ave. (US 15), near the tracks, St George, SC        

Shady Grove Camp Ground   -   SCHM 18-15
  off U.S. Hwy. 178 S, just SE of the Orangeburg/Dorchester Co. line        

South Carolina Canal & Rail Road Company   -    
  intersection of South Parler Avenue (U.S. 15) and State Road 18-99, St. George, SC        

St. George Public High School/St. George Graded School   -   SCHM 18-24
  205 Raysor Street, Saint George, SC        

St. Paul Camp Ground   -   SCHM 18-16
  940 St. Paul Rd., Harleyville, SC        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.