Florence County (21)

Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Florence County was created on 1888.

The county seat is in Florence, SC.,
and the county is 804 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12041

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There are 44 Historic Markers in Florence County.

American Legion Post #1 / 2nd Lieutenant Fred H. Sexton   -   SCHM 21-29
  on E Palmetto St (US 76) just west of Village Circle, Florence, SC        

Asbury at Port's Ferry   -   SCHM 21-4
  about 3 miles N of Johnsonville on SC highways 41 & 51        

Atomic Bomb Accident at Mars Bluff   -   SCHM 21-26
  on E Marion Hwy (US 301/76) Mars Bluff, SC        

Back Swamp School   -   SCHM 21-13
  on E Pocket Rd at Backswamp Dr.        

Browntown   -   SCHM 21-9
  on SC 341 about 5 miles W of Prospect Crossroads        

Burch's Mill: South Carolina’s First Civil War Nears It’s End   -    
  at the end of Mill Branch Road at the Great Pee Dee River, Pamplico, SC        

Christ Episcopal Church   -   SCHM 21-10
  At the church, S.C. Hwy. 327, 2.5 mi. S of l-95        

Church Street/Main Street   -   SCHM 21-37
  intersection of North Church St and East Main St, Lake City, SC        

DeWitt Bluff   -   SCHM 21-7
  SE of Pamplico just N of intersection of Roads 40 and 57        

Ebenezer Church   -   SCHM 21-5
  about 1.2 miles N of us 76 on Road 112, W side of Florence        

Ebenezer Church   -    
  524 S. Ebenezer Road, Florence, SC        

Florence Depot (1852)   -   SCHM 21-19
  on Hoffmeyer Rd. in Florence, SC        

Gregg-Wallace Farm / Tenant House   -   SCHM 21-30
  310 Price Rd., Mars Bluff, SC        

H.H. Singletary Building   -   SCHM 21-40
  101 E Main St, Lake City, SC        

Henry Timrod   -   UDC 
  At Timrod park on Timrod Park Dr. (SC-S-21-234)        

Hewn ~ Timber Cabins   -   SCHM 21-15
  on Hwy. 301 in Florence county.        

Hopewell Presbyterian Church   -   SCHM 21-25
  on Old River Rd, Claussen, SC        

Jamestown   -   SCHM 21-22
  on E Old Marion Hwy (SC-S-21-24) near Jamestown Rd.        

Johnsonville   -   SCHM 21-3
  SC 51 just N of Johnsonville        

Lake City   -   SCHM 21-28
  at the corner of Main St. (U.S. Hwy. 378 & S.C. Hwy. 341) & Church St., Lake City, SC        

Lake City Bean Market/Lake City Produce Markets   -   SCHM 21-39
  corner of Henry and Church Sts in downtown Lake City, SC        

Lawton-Chase House / Florence Museum[   -   SCHM 21-32
  at the Florence Museum, 558 Spruce Street, Florence, SC        

Marion at Port's Ferry   -   SCHM 21-4
  about 3 miles N of Johnsonville on SC highways 41 & 51        

Mars Bluff   -   SCHM 21-34
  intersection ofFore Rd and Hunt Rd, Florence, SC        

Moses S. Haynsworth   -   SCHM 21-1
  Road 63 just N of 1-95        

Ney School   -   SCHM 21-13
  on E Pocket Rd at Backswamp Dr.        

Palmetto State Bank Robbery   -   SCHM 21-42
  100 West Main Street, Lake City, SC        

Pisgah Methodist Church   -   SCHM 21-23
  on N Ebenezer Rd. north of W Hoffmeyer Rd.        

Red Doe   -   SCHM 21-27
  Francis Marion Rd. (S.C. Hwy. 327), .5 mi. S of Liberty Chapel Rd., approximately 3 mi. E of Florence, SC        

Roseville Plantation   -   SCHM 21-11
  on N Williston Rd (SC-S-21-26), N of I-95        

Roseville Plantation Slave And Freedman's Cemetery / Clarke Cemetery   -   SCHM 21-18
  on N Williston Rd (SR S-21-26), Florence, SC        

The Assassination of Rep. Alfred Rush   -   SCHM 21-24
  Intersection of W Cummings Rd and W John Paul Jones Rd.        

The Columns   -   SCHM 21-13
  on E Old Marion Hwy (SC-S-21-24) at Rankin Plantation Rd.        

W.T. Askins House   -   SCHM 21-33
  intersection of South Alcine St and West Thomas St, Lake City, SC        

Whitehead Infirmary   -   SCHM 21-41
  238 E Main Street, Lake City, SC        

William Gee   -   SCHM 21-2
  US 76, 5 miles W of Florence        

William H. Johnson Birthplace   -   SCHM 21-21
  on E Palmetto St (US 301) near SC-S-21-352        

William R. Johnson   -   SCHM 21-12
  on E Old Marion Hwy (SC-S-21-24) at Rankin Plantation Rd.        

William W. Harllee   -   SCHM 21-8
  At Hopewell Presbyterian Church on Road 57, a short distance E of intersection of SC 327 and Road 57        

Willow Creek Baptist Church   -   SCHM 21-43
  Old River Rd, Florence, SC        

Wilson School / Wilson High School   -   SCHM 21-31
  on S Dargan St at W Palmetto St (US 76), Florence, S.C.        

Witherspoon's Ferry   -   SCHM 21-3
  SC 51 just N of Johnsonville        

Young Farm   -   SCHM 21-6
  about 1.5 miles SW of Florence on us 76        

Young Farm   -    
  on W Palmetto St (US 76) at SC-S-21-106        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.