Greenville County (23)

Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Greenville County was created on 1798.

The county seat is in Greenville, SC.,
and the county is 795 Square Miles in area.

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There are 79 Historic Markers in Greenville County.

"Shoeless Joe" Jackson House   -   SCHM 23-43
  356 Field Street, Greenville, SC        

About 1765   -   WOW 
  S. Main St. (S.C. Hwy. 124) at the Reedy River, Greenville, SC        

About 1765   -   SCHM 
  on South Main Street (South Carolina Route 124), Greenville, South Carolina.        

Alester G. Furman, Jr. Administration Building   -    
  west side of the building, on the campus of Furman University, Greenville, SC        

Baptist Seminary   -   SCHM 23-20
  NE corner of Irvine Street and McBee Avenue, Greenville, SC        

Battle of Great Cane Brake   -   DAR 23-3
  Intersection of SC 418 and road 55 (about 4.5 miles S of Simpsonville); from this intersection, travel almost 2 miles SW on 418, then right on an unnumbered secondary road; it is about 0.7 mile to the marker.        

Berry's Mill Manufacturing Site   -   SCHM 
  in front of the old Berry's Mill just off of Highway 14.        

Brutontown   -   SCHM 23-38
  at the intersection of Rutherford Road and Old Paris Mountain Road, Greenville, SC        

Camp Sevier   -   SCHM 23-2
  Wade Hampton Boulevard (US 29), near Artillery Road        

Campbell's Covered Bridge   -   SCHM 23-25
  From Exit 5 on Interstate 26, proceed west on SC-11 approximately seven miles to Gowensville. Go south on SC-14 about three miles. Stay on SC-14, passing the intersection with Route 414, and look for sign on right. Bridge is about 200 feet west of the present highway.        

Camperdown Mill   -   SCHM 
  can be reached from Falls Street near Camperdown Way (South Carolina Route 124), Greenville, SC.        

Captain John O.Donaldson   -   SCHM 23-26
  on Exchange St, Greenwood, SC        

Captain John O.Donaldson   -   SCHM 23-26
  on Exchange St, Greenwood, SC        

Cherokee Boundary (1767)   -   SCHM 23-30
  on Hwy. 418 (Milacron Dr.) in Fountain Inn, SC.        

Cherokee Boundary (1767)   -   SCHM 23-30
  South Highway 14 (State Highway 14), Greer, SC        

Chick Springs   -   SCHM 23-13
  0.5 mile SE of us 29 on Road 38 at entrance to Chick Springs Park        

Christ Church (Episcopal)   -   SCHM 23-10
  on Church Street, Greenville, SC        

Confederate Armory (1861-1864)   -   UDC 
  at the intersection of North Main Street and East Elford Street, Greenville, SC.        

Cooley's Bridge   -   SCHM 23-28
  on hwy.247 in Greenville County.        

Cotton Mills   -   SCHM 23-21
  on N side of SC 14 at the Enoree River (Town of Pelham-Batesville side)        

Cradle of Greenville   -   SCHM 
  n East Camperdown Way (South Carolina Route 124), Greenville, SC        

Donaldson Air Force Base   -   SCHM 23-26
  on Exchange St, Greenwood, SC        

Donaldson Air Force Base   -   SCHM 23-26
  on Exchange St, Greenwood, SC        

Dunean Mill   -   SCHM 23-52
  at the intersection of Stevens Street and Emery Street, Greenville, SC        

Early White Settlement / The Massacre of Jacob Hite   -   SCHM 23-33
  Woodland Elementary School, 1730 Gibbs Shoals Rd., Greer, SC        

Elias Earle (June 19, 1762 - May 19, 1823)   -   DAR 23-9
  Intersection of Rutherford and Buncombe Roads, Greenville, SC        

Fairview Church   -   SCHM 23-19
  Travel S from intersection of SC 418 and Road 55 about 1.2 miles; turn left on Road 451; marker and church are a short distance on this road to the E        

Falls Place   -   SCHM 
  in Historic Falls Park.        

Fountain Fox Beattie House / Greenville Woman's Club   -   SCHM 23-24
  8 Bennett St., corner of Bennett and N. Church Sts., Greenville, SC        

Fountain Inn / Rosenwald School   -   SCHM 23-45
  Mt. Zion Dr., near Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Fountain Inn, SC        

Furman University   -   SCHM 23-14
  Court Square, between Church Street and Howe Street, Greenville, SC        

General Store Alexander McBeth & Co   -   DAR 23-5
  US 25 (White Horse Road), just S of SC 253        

Greenville County Courthouse / The Willie Earle Lynching Trial   -   SCHM 23-42
  35 W. Court St., behind old Greenville County Courthouse, Greenville, SC        

Greenville Presbyterian Church   -   DAR 
  205 Greenville Church Road, Donalds, SC        

Greenville Woman's College   -   SCHM 23-15
  Heritage Green, College Street, Greenville, SC        

Henry Pinckney Hammett   -    
  on County Road 182, on the right when traveling north, Piedmont, SC        

Hopkins Farm   -   SCHM 23-34
  on Fork Shoals Road (State Highway 23-146) south of Old Hundred Road (State Highway 23-459).        

Indian Boundary Line   -   DAR 23-4
  US 29 at Greenville-Spartanburg county line        

Joel Roberts Poinsett   -   SCHM 23-11
  Poinsett Hotel, on S. Main Street, Greenville, SC        

John Broadus Watson   -   SCHM 23-18
  US 276, about1h mile N of Travelers Rest town limits, in Renfrew Baptist churchyard        

John E. Johns Hall   -    
  north side of the hall, on the campus of Furman University, Greenville S        

Lebanon Church   -   SCHM 23-16
  At Road 68 and Road 69 in front of church        

Lickville Presbyterian Church   -   SCHM 23-36
  10020 Augusta Rd., Pelzer, SC     

Mauldin   -   SCHM 23-46
  City Center Dr., Mauldin, SC        

McBee Chapel   -   SCHM 
  53 Main Street, Conestee, SC        

McKay Memorial Chapel   -    
  200 West Washington St, Greenville SC        

Militia Muster Ground   -   SCHM 23-35
  on Fork Shoals Road (State Highway 23-146) near Old Hundred Road (State Highway 23-459)        

Mush Creek Baptist Church   -   SCHM 23-47
  940 Mush Creek Rd., Travelers Rest, SC        

Oakland Plantation [Greenville County]   -   SCHM 23-44
  259 Adams Mill Road, Simpsonville, SC        

Old Fountain Inn   -   UDC 23-6
  SC 14, just above Fountain Inn        

Old Greenville Graveyard   -   DAR 23-12
  Old Buncombe Road at Hammett Street, near Poe Mills, Greenville, SC        

Old Stage Road / Railroads in Simpsonville   -   SCHM 23-49
  125 South Main Street, Simpsonville, SC        

Ordinance of Secession   -   SCHM 23-7
  North Main Street (in park outside Springwood Cemetery), Greenville, SC        

Pepper School   -   SCHM 23-40
  Augusta Rd. (U.S. Hwy. 25), Piedmont, SC, vicinity, next to Greenville Memorial Gardens        

Poinsett Bridge   -    
  At the historic Poinsett Bridge on Cattahan Mountain Rd (Co Rd 42).        

Reedy River Falls   -   SCHM 
  can be reached from Furman College Way.        

Richard Pearis   -   SCHM 
  in Greenville's Historic Falls Park on Falls Street near Camperdown Way (South Carolina Route 124).        

Sans Souci   -   SCHM 23-37
  W. Blue Ridge Dr. (S.C. Hwy. 253), Sans Souci community, Greenville, SC        

Simpsonville   -   SCHM 23-48
  118 Northeast Main Street, Simpsonville, SC        

Simpsonville Cotton Mill / Woodside Mill   -   SCHM 23-50
  300 South Street, Simpsonville, SC        

Simpsonville Elementary School   -   SCHM 23-66
  on Academy St at College St, Simpsonville, SC        

Simpsonville Municipal Cemetery   -   SCHM 23-70
  on Academy St at College St, Simpsonville, SC        

Site of First Baptist Church   -   SCHM 23-20
  NE corner of Irvine Street and McBee Avenue, Greenville, SC        

Sterling High School   -   SCHM 23-33
  corner of Calhoun & Pendleton Sts., Greenville, SC        

Stone's Mill / Jones Mill   -   SCHM 23-29
  Jones Mill Rd. (S.C. Sec. Rd. 23-191) at Durbin Creek, N of Fountain Inn        

Sullivan (Grove) Cemetery   -   SCHM 23-17
  A short distance Waf Reedy River on Road 68, near Greenville, SC-Laurens county line        

Textile Hall   -   SCHM 23-31
  W. Washington St. near its intersection with N. Academy St., Greenville, SC        

The Cherokees   -   SCHM 
  is located on the walking path that runs parallel to Furman College Way.        

The Lynching of Willie Earle   -   SCHM 23-41
  Old Easley Rd. (S.C. Hwy. 124) & Bramlett Rd, Greenville, SC        

The Old Record Building   -   SCHM 23-1
  South Main Street, across from the Poinsett Hotel, Greenville, SC        

The Poplars   -   DAR 23-9
  Intersection of Rutherford and Buncombe Roads, Greenville, SC        

The Reedy River Falls Historic Park   -    
  on a pedestrian bridge marking the entrance to the Reedy River Falls Historic Park.        

Tigerville   -   SCHM 23-39
  NE corner of N. Tigerville Rd. (S.C. Hwy. 253) & S.C. Hwy. 414, Tigerville, SC        

Toney   -   SCHM 23-35
  on Fork Shoals Road (State Highway 23-146) near Old Hundred Road (State Highway 23-459)        

Tullyton*   -   SCHM 23-21
  5 miles south of SC Highway 418 on Fairfield Rd. (Rd. 55). Marker will be on west side of Rd. 55        

Vardry McBee   -    
  at the intersection of South Main St and East Court St, Greenville, SC        

Whitehall   -   DAR 23-8
  310 West Earle Street, Greenville, SC        

William Preston Few (1867-1940)   -   SCHM 23-23
  Jackson Grove Road, near Jackson Grove Methodist Church, near Travelers Rest        

Working Benevolent Society Hospital   -   SCHM 23-27
  corner of Green Ave. and Jenkins St., Greenville, SC        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.