Spartanburg County (42)

Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Spartanburg County was created on 1785.

The county seat is in Spartanburg, SC.,
and the county is 819 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12083

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There are 36 Historic Markers in Spartanburg County.

15th N.Y. Infantry   -   SCHM 42-25
  southwest corner of Blackstock Road and W.O. Ezell Boulevard.        

Boiling Springs, South Carolina   -   SCHM 
  on Hwy. 9 in Boiling Springs.        

Calvary Church   -   SCHM 42-11
  At the church on SC 150 in Glenn Springs        

Camp Croft   -    42-26
  on Southport Rd (SR 295), Spartanburg, SC        

Camp Wadsworth   -   SCHM 42-5
  US 29 just E of 1 - 26 junction        

Central Methodist Church   -   SCHM 42-24
  on the east side of North Church Street, between Walnut and Archer Streets.        

Converse College   -   SCHM 42-2
  Converse College campus, E Main Street, Spartanburg        

Converse Heights   -   SCHM 42-28
  at the intersection of Mills Ave. & E. Main St., Spartanburg, SC        

Cowpens Depot   -   SCHM 42-17
  120 Palmetto St., Cowpens, SC        

Daniel Morgan Avenue   -   SCHM 
  on the south side of the eastern end of the Avenue near North Pine Street.        

Early Iron Works   -   SCHM 42-10
  In Glendale at intersection of Roads 30 and 47        

Evins - Bivings House*   -   SCHM 42-13
  563 North Church Street, Spartanburg        

Evins-Bivings House   -   SCHM 
  northeast corner of North Church Street and Evins Street.        

First Erosion Control Work in Southeast   -   SCHM 42-6
  Intersection of Road 121 and SC 417, Poplar Springs        

Fort Prince   -   SCHM 42-8
  SC 129 about 1/2 mile W of 1 - 85        

Glenn Springs   -   SCHM 42-11
  At the church on SC 150 in Glenn Springs        

Grave of William Walker   -   SCHM 42-7
  Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia Street, Spartanburg        

Hampton Heights Historic District   -   SCHM 42-12
  Intersection of South Church Street and Marion Avenue, Spartanburg        

Harlem Hellfighters   -   SCHM 42-25
  southwest corner of Blackstock Road and W.O. Ezell Boulevard.        

Kate Barry   -   SCHM 42-4
  Road 196 near 1 - 26 and US 221 interchange        

Magnolia Cemetery   -   SCHM 42-7
  Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia Street, Spartanburg        

Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery   -   SCHM 42-22
  842 Mt. Zion Rd., Spartanburg, SC        

Nazareth Church   -   SCHM 42-14
  At intersection of SC 296 and Nazareth Church Road        

Nazareth Church Stone Marker   -    
  680 Nazareth Church Road, Moore, SC        

Nazareth Frame House   -    
  680 Nazareth Church Road, Moore, SC        

New Hope Baptist Church   -    42-21
  near the intersection of Highway 56 and Burnt Factory Road.        

Old City Cemetery   -   SCHM 42-16
  Cemetery St., just N. of Duncan St., Spartanburg, SC        

Old Rutherford Road   -   SCHM 42-19
  Campobello-Gramling Elementary School, 250 Fagan Ave., Campobello, SC        

Reidville Public School   -   SCHM 42-1
  Corner of Road 62 and College St., Reidville        

Shiloh Methodist Church   -    42-20
  next to the historic Shiloh Methodist Church, on Blackstock Rd.        

Site of Fredonia   -   SCHM 42-9
  on US 221 about 1/2 mile NE of Moore        

Spartanburg Methodist College   -   SCHM 42-15
  Brawley St., Spartanburg, infront of Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church        

Walnut Grove Plantation   -   SCHM 
  on the west side of Stillhouse Road, just south of US-221, east of I-26 exit 28.        

Wofford College   -   SCHM 42-3
  Wofford College campus, N Church Street, Spartanburg        

Wofford College   -   SCHM 42-18
  on the northeast side of Church Street, between Evins and College Streets.        

Wolfe Creek Baptist Church   -    
  on Landrum Rd, east of I-26        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.