Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Graniteville Cemetery

Marker ID: SCHM 2-30
Location: At the entrance to Graniteville Cemetery on Gregg Highway, Graniteville, SC.
County: Aiken
Coordinates: N 33° 34.175    W 081° 47.756
  33.5696    -81.79593
Style: Free Standing **


This cemetery, established about 1850, is closely associated with the Graniteville Mill, the largest and most successful textile mill in antebellum, S.C. William Gregg (1800 - 1867), founder of the mill laid out the mill village and also helped plan the cemetery. Most of the early wooden grave markers do not survive, and burial records were not kept until 1892, when the Graniteville Cemetery Assn was founded.

William Gregg was buried here in 1867 and an obelisk erected over his grave and monument to Charleston in 1876. In 1926 a daughter returned the original monument to this cemetery. Notable persons buried here include 83 Confederate soldiers and veterans, as well as many employees of Graniteville Mill. James Wesley Rearden (1861 - 1959) worked at the mill for 87 years from 1872 to 1959.


Two sided marker