Historic Markers Across South Carolina

The Hamburg Massacre

Marker ID: SCHM 2-45
Location: U.S. Hwy. 1/78/25 at the 5th St. Bridge, North Augusta, SC
County: Aiken
Style: Free Standing **


The Hamburg Massacre, which occurred nearby on July 8, 1876, was one of the most notable incidents of racial and political violence in S.C. during Reconstruction. White Democrats across the state organized “rifle clubs” to intimidate black and white Republicans during the gubernatorial election of 1876. Clashes between groups of armed men were frequent, in some cases even including the militia.

After a dispute between whites and a black militia company, about 200 men from local rifle clubs tried to disarm 38 black militiamen and others barricaded in a warehouse. One white was killed and men on each side were wounded before the blacks fled. Two blacks were killed trying to escape. Whites captured 25-30 blacks and executed four of them. 87 whites were charged in the massacre but were never tried for it.

Erected by the Heritage Council of North Augusta, 2010