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Barnwell Baptist Church Cemetery

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Location: on Jackson Street (U.S. 278), Barnwell, SC
County: Barnwell
Coordinates: N 33° 14.646    W 081° 21.983
  33.2441    -81.36638333


Sometimes called the Red Hill Cemetery. Original site of Barnwell First Baptist Church. First Baptist Church is the oldest continual institution in Barnwell. Established in 1802. Both the 1850 building and the 1926 building stood on this site.

Earlier church buildings were located nearby. The cemetery is one of the oldest in Barnwell. Another old Baptist cemetery located on the corner of Wall and Gilmore Streets across from Bethlehem Baptist Church location of the 1825 Baptist Church building.

Among the many notables buried here is J. Lewis Shuck, first Southern Baptist missionary to China.