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Charleston Naval Hospital Historic District

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Location: 1960 Turnbull Avenue, North Charleston SC
County: Charleston
Coordinates: N 32° 51.922    W 079° 58.527
  32.86536666    -79.97545


The Charleston Naval Hospital Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. The 32 buildings and structures that comprise the district represent two periods of development at the Naval Base that closely relate to the growth of the Navy during the 20th century. A prior hospital, constructed in 1917, was demolished in 1922 as demand for hospital services declined after World War I. Only two Craftsman-style residential cottages built in 1917 survive from that period (Quarters 1 and 2), while the remainder of the structures were built just prior to and during World War II, including the existing hospital complex.

Three groups of buildings comprise the historic district: treatment facilities centered on the main hospital complex; service related buildings located to the east of the main hospital building; and residential buildings for officers and staff that are located to the west and south of the hospital. Spanish Colonial style influences such as smooth white walls, hipped roofs with overhanging eaves, and red terra cotta roof tiles are prevalent throughout the district.

The Naval Hospital continued to serve sailors, those who worked at the base and their families until 1972, when a new high-rise hospital was built on nearby Rivers Avenue.


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