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Battery Huger

Marker ID:  
Location: At Fort Sumter, Ft Sumter NP, Charleston, SC
County: Charleston
Coordinates: N 32° 45.142    W 079° 52.494
  32.75236666    -79.8749


Battery Huger (long u - j long e) looms before you. Battery Huger, the black, concrete structure filling the center of Fort Sumter, was built in 1899 in response to the Spanish-American War. Named for the Revolutionary War hero Isaac Huger, the battery was part of a seacoast defense system that protected Charleston Harbor. By 1945 installations like Battery Huger were obsolete, and Fort Sumter was transferred to the National Park Service.

A gun crew in 1901 (below) drills on one of Battery Huger's two 12-inch rifled cannon. The crew could load and fire a 1,000 pound shell every 90 seconds. The battery could hit a moving battleship eight miles away. Note Battery Huger's camouflage pattern (right) during World War II.


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