Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Colonel Howard's Misunderstood Order

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Battleground Tour Road (Route 11) in Cowpens National Battlefield.
County: Cherokee
Coordinates: N 35° 7.995    W 081° 48.823
  35.13325    -81.81371666


After firing twice, the militia retreated behind the Continentals who were awaiting the British reinforcements, Fraser´s 71st Highlanders, threatened the Continentals´ right flank, Lt. Col. Howard ordered his right flank to turn to face them. His center and left flank misunderstood and began an orderly retreat. Sensing victory, the British broke ranks and surged forward. Morgan ordered the Continentals to face about and fire at close range. Raw recruits of the British 7th Regiment panicked and fell back. The Highlanders, still coming on like a mob, were repulsed. The stage was set for entrapment, annihilation, and an American victory.

Erected by National Park Service.


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