Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Cantey Family Cemetery

Marker ID: SCHM 14-19
Location: 2 mi S of S.C. Sec. Rd. 14-28, and 1.7 mi. E of S.C. Sec. Rd. S-351
County: Clarendon
Style: Free Standing **


This cemetery was established about 1739 by Joseph Cantey (d. 1763), planter and member of the Commons House of Assembly. It is on the site of Mount Hope, Cantey´s plantation near the Santee River. Cantey served what was then Craven County as a captain in the militia and justice of the peace, then served Prince Frederick´s Parish in the Commons House of Assembly 1754-1757.

Several generations of Canteys, as well as members of the Burgess, Clemons, Keels, McDonald, Montgomery (McGomery), Oliver, and Rhodus families related to the Canteys, are buried here. In 1883 Joseph Cantey´s great-great grandson Joseph Samuel Cantey deeded this two-acre tract to eight trustees. The cemetery is owned and maintained by the Cantey Cemetery Association.

Erected by the Cantey Cemetery Association, 2010