Historic Markers Across South Carolina

M60A3 Main Battle Tank

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Location: a small park directly across the highway from the Edgefield South Carolina National Guard Armory, 225 Augusta Road, Edgefield, SC
County: Edgefield
Coordinates: N 33° 47.166    W 081° 55.208
  33.7861    -81.92013333
Style: Free Standing **


The M60A3 was designed in 1956 and entered service in 1960. The M60 is a big, tall tank with a rounded turret and heavy armor for its time. The A1 and A2 versions both fought in Vietnam. The A3 version has improved night sights, laser rather than stereoscopic rangefinder, a ballistic computer, full stabilization, reactive armor boxes plating the turret front and side, and defensive smoke systems.

Weight: 52 Tons Crew: 4 Engine: 750 HP Diesel
Max Road Speed: 48 kph Main Gun: 105MM
Ammunition: 63 Rounds Production ended in 1987.

This tank was acquired by the town of Edgefield through the help of Headquarters, 122D Engineer Battalion (Combat) and the South Carolina Army National Guard.
5 March 1996

1996 by The Town of Edgefield.