Historic Markers Across South Carolina


Marker ID: SCHM 22-18
Location: Francis Marion Park, Front Street at Broad Street, Georgetown
County: Georgetown
Style: Free Standing **


Ships and boats have loaded and unloaded cargo at the Sampit River near Front Street since the founding of Georgetown, c.I729. In 1732 Georgetown became a port of entry, shipping naval stores, rice, indigo, pork, and animal skins. In the mid-19th century, Georgetown was the principal rice-growing area of the U.S. and exported quantities of rice, as well as lumber and cotton.

Brig. Gen. Francis Marion spent his early life near Georgetown and it is for him that this park is named. During the American Revolution, Marion marched his forces to Georgetown, drove the British out, and occupied the town May 28,1781. In August 1781, much of the town was burned during a raid by the British privateer Manson. Toward the end of the Revolution, Georgetown became a valuable supply port for the American army in the South. Erected by Georgetown County.

Chamber of Commerce and Georgetown County Historical Society - 1983