Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Constance Pope Maxwel 1875-1883

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Location: 810 Maxwell Avenue, Greenwood, SC
County: Greenwood
Coordinates: N 34° 11.0    W 082° 10.783
  34.18333333    -82.17971666
Style: Mounted **


South Side:
At the request of Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Maxwell, major benefactors, the orphanage was named in memory of their daughter, who died at the age of seven.

Connie Maxwell Orphanage, a ministry of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, received the first child in care at the infirmary building on this site, May 22, 1892.

In 1946, the name was changed to Connie Maxwell Children's Home as more dependent children were placed in care.

Through this tender ministry, thousands of children and families have been provided hope and healing.

East Side:
Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Maxwell through their beneficence led South Carolina Baptist into the tender ministry of child care by their giving and leadership.

By allowing God to work through their personal tragedy, the Maxwells have had a significant part in bringing hope and healing to children and families in their time of need.

North Side:
Twelve year old Susie Burton of Newberry County was the first child received into care at the infirmary on this site by Miss Rachel Reagan, Matron, May 22, 1892.

By the end of the year, twenty six children were in residence and these have been followed by thousands who have received care and nurtured from a dedicated staff.

West Side:
Interest and support from the community of Greenwood enabled the location of the orphanage at Greenwood.

Through the years, the community and institution have grown in stature and prominence. The Board of Trustees changed the name of the First Cottage on campus to Greenwood Cottage in honor of this relationship.

Support and leadership continues to be provided from the community with a number of trustees and staff serving in this tender ministry through the years.