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Second Parallel

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: At the Ninety Six National Historic Site on South Cambridge Street (State Highway 248), Ninety Six, SC
County: Greenwood
Coordinates: N 34° 8.815    W 082° 1.119
  34.14691666    -82.01865


Second Parallel
June 3, 1781

By June 3, the sappers had finished the approach trench and established a second parallel. Now that he was in position to attack Cruger's stronghold, Greene, in keeping with the etiquette of siege warfare, made a formal demand for the Loyalists' surrender. But Cruger saw no need to comply with Greene's demand. The Loyalists' casualities so far were light and they had enough food stored away for another month.

Erected 2009 by National Park Service.


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