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Siege Trenches

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: At the Ninety Six National Historic Site on South Cambridge Street (State Highway 248), Ninety Six, SC
County: Greenwood
Coordinates: N 34° 8.863    W 082° 1.121
  34.14771666    -82.01868333


On the night of May 22, Greene began constructing an assault position only 70 yards from Star Fort, hoping to overrun the fort quickly with a frontal attack. The Americans were driven away, however, by heavy cannon fire and an attack party from the fort led by Lieutenant John Honey which captured their tools.

Greene and his chief engineer, Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus Kosciuszko, then began digging siege trenches about 220 yards from the Star.

Construction of the American siegeworks required twenty-seven days and included approach tranches, parallels, and artillery batteries. These features were intended to allow Patriot troops, supported by cannon fire, to move close enough to the Star to make a successful assault.

The siege trenches you see from here are reconstructed outlines. The original trenches were dug according to procedures developed in Europe where siege warfare was common.

Erected by National Park Service.


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