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The Stockade Fort

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: on a walking trail at a rest area outside the Visitor Center. 1103 Hwy 248 South, Ninety Six, SC
County: Greenwood
Coordinates: N 34° 8.682    W 082° 1.392
  34.1447    -82.0232


The Stockade Fort
Ninety Six National Historic Site

The British built this “stockade fort on the right” in 1781 on property owned by James Holmes, a Loyalist, to protect the garrison’s water supply.

An irregular fortification built around a barn and several out building, the stockade was surrounded by a ditch and abates, and was linked to the town by a communications trench.

When he arrived from August Georgia, in June 1781 Lt. Henry Lee assumed command of the Patriot attack against the Stockade Fort. In the final American assault on June 18, 1781, Lee’s men captured the fort but held it only until Greene ordered the attack ended.

National Park Service, US Department of the Interior.


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