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354th Fighter Group World War II History

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Location: Farrow Parkway and South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC
County: Horry
Coordinates: N 33° 39.64    W 078° 55.693
  33.66066666    -78.92821666


354th Fighter Group World War II History

The 354th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) had its genesis as the 354th Fighter Group (FG) in November 1942 at Hamilton Field, California. In October 1943, it was moved to England and began aerial combat operations flying P-51s. In November 1944, it began flying the P-47 aircraft and continued aerial combat operations in the European Theater until V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day).

The 354th Fighter Group's combat record included two Distinguished Unit Citations and a Medal of Honor winner, Major James H. Howard. On August 25, 1944, 83 P-51 were launched in six waves, and the pilots were credited with destroying 51 enemy aircraft.

During World War II, the 354th flew 18,334 sorties, produced 67 aces, shot down 701 enemy aircraft, destroyed 255 airplanes on the ground, and destroyed 150 armored vehicles, 584 locomotives, 5,282 railroad cars, 55 bridges, 122 gun sights, 15 ammo dumps, 37 hangars, 834 buildings and nine airdromes.

The unit returned to the United States in February 1946 and was deactivated.

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War Theater Operations

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Republic P-47 pilots of the Bomber Group, their mission completed, head for the interrogation tent. Left to right Captain James Dalglish, Major Glenn T. Eagleston, Captain Orrin D. Rawlings and First Lieutenant Lloyd Overfield.