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Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Redevelopment

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Location: at the intersection of Howard Ave and Nevers St, Myrtle Beach, SC
County: Horry
Coordinates: N 33° 40.135    W 078° 56.37
  33.66891666    -78.9395


Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Redevelopment

Sadly, and with much controversy, the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base was designated for closure as a result of provisions contained within the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1991 (Title XXIX of Public Law 101-510). The base officially closed in March 1993.

In response to the closure designations for the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base and other potential base closure and realignment actions for military sites in the state of South Carolina, the Governor created the South Carolina Defense Base Development Commission. The purpose of the Commission was to "conduct comprehensive studies of issues pertinent to military base closures, force reductions, conversions, redevelopment and future uses of bases.”

An Executive Committee of Commission representatives from the Myrtle Beach area was formed to oversee studies and issues related to the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base including the selection of the contractor and preparation of a Community Redevelopment Plan for the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. The Executive Committee held a series of meetings on this subject and established a volunteer Redevelopment Task Force of community leaders divided into 10 subcommittees to investigate and report on separate issues related to the base closure. The membership of the Executive Committee included Colonel Edsel Deville - Chairperson, Jim Creel, Paul creel, Mayor Robert Grissom, Willliam Sigmon, James Clemmons and Harold Cushman. Birney Blind and Jack Walker were ex-officio members.