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Splinter City

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Location: intersection of Farrow Parkway and South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC
County: Horry
Coordinates: N 33° 39.623    W 078° 55.679
  33.66038333    -78.92798333


Splinter City

In March 1942, units of the United States Army Air Corps opened formal operations at what was named the Myrtle Beach Bombing and Gunnery Training Range, which also encompassed the Beach airport.

Construction began to meet the urgent needs for combat air crew training. A "wooden city" soon began to take shape in the form of offices, barracks, a hospital and various maintenance and training facilities Humorously, and with a touch of affection, locals began to refer to these wooden structures as "Splinter City." Although crude and impermanent by modern standards, Splinter City allowed the training mission to get fully underway within six months. Several of the wooden buildings were located in the area beginning 1,500 feet southeast of this marker. In 1943, some of the facilities in this area were used to house German prisoners of war.

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Army Air Corps Base Commanders

1942 First Lieutenant Claude W. Davis
1942 First Lieutenant Ernest E. Fleming
1942 – 1943 Major Leonard E. Thomas
1943 Lieutenant Colonel Frank J. Seinbenaler
1943 – 1945 Colonel John A. Tarro
1945 Colonel James R. Gunn, Jr.
1945 – 1946 Colonel Richard O. Harrell
1946 Colonel Glen C. Nye
1946 – 1947 Colonel Samuel J. Davis
1947 Colonel Louis M. Merrickatus.