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Woodland Park Base Housing

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Location: at the intersection of Pampas Dr and Mallard Lake Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC
County: Horry
Coordinates: N 33° 39.698    W 078° 56.254
  33.66163333    -78.93756666


Woodland Park Base Housing

On-base family housing, Woodland Park, was constructed in 1959. The houses featured modern, attractive, all-electric homes convenient to the base property, yet all-electric home situated to minimize aircraft and traffic noise.

The housing area was composed of 800 units specifically for married officers and noncommissioned officers. These units consisted of two-and three-bedroom duplex and three-bedroom individual structures which were centrally heated and air-conditioned. Kitchens were equipped with electric range, refrigerator, dishwasher and garbage disposal. The base housing office was located in building 105. Waiting lists were maintained according to authorized size quarters, date and time of application and rank.

The availability of housing in the Myrtle Beach area for most military personnel was somewhat limited, particularly during the summer months. Since the coastal region was primarily a summer resort area, the majority of rental houses and apartments were designed for tourists. This type of dwelling was easily obtainable and equally affordable during the off-season, which began Labor Day and continued through Easter. The problem, however, was that when the tourist season arrived, the service personnel had to either move out or pay exorbitant tourist rates.

After the base closure, the Air Base Redevelopment Authority sold the units to a private developer. The base housing was renovated and renamed Seagate Village. Units have now been sold to individual buyers.