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Southwest Redoubt

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Location: at the intersection of Meeting St and Church St, Camden, SC
County: Kershaw
Coordinates: N 34° 14.01    W 080° 36.475
  34.2335    -80.60791666


Southwest Redoubt

In 1780 - 81, the British built a series of small forts or redoubts to serve as an outer line of defense for their headquarters at Camden. They were well fortified with troops and artillery, making Camden relatively impenetrable to attack by the Colonial forces. This redoubt was just outside the town’s palisade southwest of the Old Presbyterian Church, this graveyard, and a few yards south of this sign. It guarded the approach from the strategic Wateree Ferry. On May 10, 1781 the British evacuated, destroying it and much of Camden.

Kershaw County Clean Community Commission, Historic Campbell Street Committee.