Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Boundary Line

Marker ID: SCHM 29-14
Location: At southern edge of Andrew Jackson State Park on US 521
County: Lancaster
Coordinates: N 34° 49.657    W 080° 48.210
  34.82761666    -80.8035
Style: Free Standing **


One of the last refinements in the N.C.-S.C. boundary was marked with a stone inscribed "1813" and located about 1/2 mile SE of here. This adjustment was made because of uncertainty in location of the Salisbury Road, which had served as north-south boundary from the western terminus of the state line, surveyed in 1764, to the Catawba Indian lands of 1763.

Erected by Lancaster County Historical Commission - 1983


U.S. Geodetic Survey Marker EC1655 is now inserted in the monument.