Historic Markers Across South Carolina

The Revolution in the Backcountry / Sumter’s Camp at Clems Branch

Marker ID: SCHM 29-28
Location: Harrisburg Rd. (S.C. Sec. Rd. 64), between Hancock and Fort Mill
County: Lancaster
Coordinates: N 35° 1.566    W 080° 52.248
  35.0261    -80.8708
Style: Free Standing **


After British forces took Charleston in May 1780, they set up outposts in the backcountry and attempted to control the state by encouraging Loyalists. Backcountry Patriots organized a resistance in response, with an important camp ½ mi. E at Clems Branch of Sugar Creek, on the wagon road from Camden to Charlotte.

In June 1780 Col. Thomas Sumter´s troops were among the few organized Patriot units in S.C. The camp at Clems Branch gave him a strategic location, water, and forage while reinforcements joined him in late June and early July. Sumter´s troops would play a major role in several Patriot victories in 1780 and 1781.

Erected by the Lancaster County Historical Commission, 2006


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