Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Jefferson Davis' Flight

Marker ID: UDC 30-1
Location: Intersection of SC 56 and Road 38, about 2.5 miles SW of Joanna
County: Laurens
Coordinates: N 34° 22.917    W 081° 51.517
  34.38195    -81.85861666
Style: Free Standing **


President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis, on his flight from Richmond, Va., spent the night of April 30, 1865 with his cabinet and other high-ranking officers at the home of Lafayette Young 1112 miles west. Davis arrived there from Union and left early next morning for Cokesbury and Abbeville.

Erected by Stephen D. Lee Chapter No. 1066 United Daughters of the Confederacy, Clinton, South Carolina - 1961


Two sided marker Burt-Stark House

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