Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Saluda Factory Cemetery

Marker ID: SCHM 32-32
Location: Botanical Ln., West Columbia, SC
County: Lexington
Coordinates: N 34° 0.457    W 081° 5.154
  34.00761666    -81.0859
Style: Free Standing **


This cemetery, thought to contain graves of supervisors and workers in the post-Civil War community of Saludaville, includes 31 marked graves and between 525 and 900 total burials. The Saluda Factory was a modest success before the war and was burned by Union troops in 1865. Rebuilt as the Saluda Manufacturing Company in 1874, it employed about 100 workers before it burned in 1884.

Erected by the South Carolina Electric & Gas Company and the Mungo Company, 2004