Historic Markers Across South Carolina

De La Howe Hall

Marker ID: SCHM 
Location: on State Road 33-25 near McCormick, SC
County: McCormick
Coordinates: N 33° 57.409    W 082° 25.122
  33.956819    -82.418708


Lethe Agricultural Seminary, founded 1797, was moved to this site in 1918 when it became a state school with the name changed to John De La Howe. A granite building with all facilities was built in sections from 1919 through 1925. Trustees serving were: J.M. Nickles, Rev. J.L. Tyler, J.U. Wardlaw, J.L. Sherard, W.I. Johns, Henry Buck, Albert Gilbert, S.C. Hodges, W.D. Morrah, Rev. W.H.K. Pendleton and advisory: Mrs. E.C. Von Tresckow, Mrs. P. Bradley Morrah and Mrs. A.F. McKissick. Rev. H.B. Blakely, superintendent 1913-19, was succeeded in 1919 by Rev. J.B. Branch who served until his death in 1931. Rev E.F. Gettys was superintendent from 1931-1966.

The granite building named De La Howe Hall in 1925, burned in 1937 and was replaced in 1938 with the present administration building also named De La Howe Hall.

De La Howe Hall was renovated in 1971. Trustees are Dave L. Hayes, Chairman; Mrs. Cy Young, Vice-Chairman; Jack R. Callison; T.A. Campbell, M.D.; John A McAlister; Frank E. O´Sheal, M.D.; Mrs. Grace P. Rhodes. Advisory: Mrs. Homer S. Blackwell and Mrs. C.K. Epting.

Erected 1938.