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Edmunds Family History 1710-196

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Location: On US 378 at Holiday Rd, McCormick, SC
County: McCormick
Coordinates: N 33° 52.267    W 082° 22.635
  33.87111666    -82.37725
Style: Free Standing **


Edmunds Family History 1710-1961
Burial Ground 1.3 Miles S.E. --> (Arrow pointing to the right)

Will Tom Edmunds, Pres, Joe F. Edmunds, Vice President, Robert J. Edmunds, Sec & Treas., Mary Edmunds, Historian

The first record is of John Edmunds, born 1710 Virginia. Will probated Amherst County Va. 1764. He was father of James born 1743 Amherst County Va. Died 1826 Barren, Ky. Will probated there. He and his wife Sarah Lavender were parents of Alexander born 1763 in Va. He was the first to come to South Carolina with wife Lydia Calhoun in 1790. He died in Edgefield 1823. Wife died 1797. They were parents of Samuel Calhoun & Lydia. Samuel C was born 1793 and died 1859 near McCormick. Lydia was born 1796 and died 1847. Samuel C. married Polly Bussey. Children: Sarah Lavender - James Alexander - Agnes. His second marriage to Henrietta R. Harris. Children: Frederick Harris - Margaret Ann - John Francis - Henry Clay - Emma - Samuel - Whitefield - Betty. Sam & Whit were killed in Virginia during the Civil War.

Husbands & Wives of Samuel Calhoun Edmunds' Children & Their Children:
Sarah L.E. married Patrick S. Rogers. Children: John N - Mary E - Peter A - Samuel B - Patrick A - Savannah E - William M. John & Peter died in Civil War. James A married Martha Barrett. Children: Alex - Eliza - James. Second wife: Lizzie White. Children: George W - Charlie H - Joseph F - John A - Augustus A - Robert N - Fred F - Perry E - Mattie - Wesley J. Frederick H married Mary Jennings. Children: James W - Josephine H - Sarah J - Ella C - Samuel R - Henry C - John T - Thomas W - Georgia M. John F. married Sara Newby. Sons: Sam L & Thomas A. Second wife was Augusta Ann Harris. Children: Mary J - Martha A - Henrietta - John Z - Luther H - Fannie E - Sallie E - Whitefield F - Will H - James F. Emma E. married W.S. Atchinson. One son: Winnie. Second married Chester Walker. Children: Lewis - Whit - Vince - Sam - John - Lizzie - Lorena.

Committee for Marker:
Ernest F. Bentley
Margaret E. Floyd
Warren N. Edmunds

November 1961