Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Chattooga Town

Marker ID: SCHM 37-16
Location: S.C. Hwy. 28 near the Russell Farm Site, Sumter National Forest, Mountain Rest, SC
County: Oconee
Style: Free Standing **


Chattooga was one of the Cherokee “Lower Towns” in what is now S.C. during the 17th and early 18th centuries and was a short distance north in the Chattooga River bottom. Chattooga Town, in a remote location in the backcountry, was the smallest of the Lower Towns in 1721 when it appeared as “Chattoogie,” with only 90 inhabitants, in that year´s British census of Cherokee towns.

Chattooga Town was on a main trading path that crossed the Chattooga River and connected Lower Towns in what is now S.C. to those in what are now Ga. and N.C. Historical and archaeological research shows that the town was largely abandoned by 1740; accounts of expeditions to this area in 1760-61 do not mention it. Walter Adair, the last Cherokee to live here, sold his land in 1816.

Erected by the USDA Forest Service, Sumter National Forest, 2007