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The Two Guns of Capt Felder

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Location: In Memorial Plaza on State Rd S-38-1361, Orangeburg, SC
County: Orangeburg
Coordinates: N 33° 29.418    W 080° 51.830
  33.4903    -80.86383333
Style: Free Standing **


The Two Old Guns of Captain Henry Felder

The setting was the small village of Orangeburgh, May 11, 1781. Cannons roared a vital sequence of the American-British Revolution took place within the boundaries of the Orangehurgh District.

The two old cannons before you played a vital part in making the Orangeburgh District free of British Tyranny and alive with the American freedom we enjoy today.

Under the command of General Sumter, Capt Henry Felder´s Militia Company included seven of Capt Felder´s cons guided Sumter´s troops by way of the Belleville Road down Russell Street and into the Orangeburgh village. Firing cannons along the way, Capt Felder´s troops defeated the British Militia and gained control of the Orangeburgh post.

These cannons were Capt Henry Felder´s pride and joy. For many years there could be seen, plainly cut, on these old guns ´HF´ on one and ´H Felder 1781´ on the other.

Felder was a staunch, patriotic man who brought love of liberty from his native Swiss Land. He spoke of his fatherland with pride and was willing to risk all, rather than submit to the tyrannies of the British. Nearing the end of the Revolution Capt Felder was killed by British tories while defending his home. He is gone, but to this day, the freedom he fought and died for in the village of Orangeburgh lives within us all.
By: Kelly HS Felder
May 11, 1989