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Battle of Eutaw Springs / A Critical Loss of Discipline

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Location: In Battleground Park, Old Number Six Highway (State Highway 6 / 45) near Fredcon Road, Eutawville, SC
County: Orangeburg
Coordinates: N 33° 24.442    W 080° 17.909
  33.40736666    -80.29848333


Battle of Eutaw Spring
A Critical Loss of Discipline

" The rich prize within our grasp was lost "
~ Colonel Henry Lee

Late in the battle, American soldiers pushed forward and found themselves in the British camp. Victory was in sight, but the discipline that had held the American ranks together through the hours of hard fighting broke down when the ragged soldiers stopped to loot British tents. ( Picture included)

Loyalist troops barricaded in the two-story brick plantation house nearby poured musket fire into the Americans below. As the American advance stalled in front of this strongpoint, the British counterattacked and drove the Americans back out of their camp. His soldiers exhausted and low on ammunition, Greene retreated, leaving the bloody field in Stewart's hands.

[Photo on the marker can be found on HMDB.org]


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