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Battle of Eutaw Springs / A Determined Defense by a Brave Commander

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Location: In Battleground Park, Old Number Six Highway (State Highway 6 / 45) near Fredcon Road, Eutawville, SC
County: Orangeburg
Coordinates: N 33° 24.449    W 080° 17.915
  33.40748333    -80.29858333


Battle of Eutaw Spring
A Determined Defense by a Brave Commander

To Major Marjoribanks and the flank battalion under his command " I think the honour of the day is due."
~ Colonel Alexander Stewart

Major John Marjoribanks ( pronounced "Marshbanks") led a battalion of elite troops that held the right flank of Stewart's British army. From a dense oak thicket, Marjoribanks' men held their position against repeated attacks until they were driven back to a palisade fence around the plantation house. From there they continued to inflict heavy casualties on the attacking Americans. When the Americans halted their charge to loot the British camp, Marjoribanks led his battalion in a counterattack that helped turn the tide of battle. But the veteran officer had little chance to savor the victory-he died a month later.

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