Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Astronaut Frank L. Culbertson

Marker ID:  
Location: Interstate 26 near Interstate 95, Holly Hill, SC
County: Orangeburg
Coordinates: N 33° 19.109    W 080° 32.833
  33.31848333    -80.54721666


Astronaut Frank L. Culbertson
(Capt. USN)

Highway Interchanges 169 A-B of I-26
and 86 A-B of I-95 Named in Honor

Astronaut Frank L. Culbertson
(Capt. USN)

Graduated Holly Hill High School 1967
BS Degree Aerospace Engineering,
US Naval Academy 1971
Naval aviator USS Fox, Gulf of Tokin, Vietnam War
USS Midway, Japan; USS John F. Kennedy
Graduated Distinction US Naval Test Pilot School
Selected Astronaut Candidate 1984
Inducted into State Of South Carolina's
Order of Palmetto, 1989
Pilot Shuttle Mission STS- 38, 7-15-1990
Commander Shuttle Mission STS-51, 9-21-1993
Director of Mir, Joint American Russian Space
Activities 1995
Jan. 25, 1996


In the interchange (exit from N 95 to E 26), not a good spot for a visit.