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Site of the First Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Clemson Agricultural College

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Location: Fort Hill Street, Clemson, SC
County: Pickens
Coordinates: N 34° 40.715    W 082° 50.331
  34.678589    -82.838847
Style: Free Standing **


On this spot, under a great oak tree which stood here, the first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Clemson Agricultural College was held May 2, 1888.

The following is a copy of the record of that meeting.

"Fort Hill, Oconee County, South Carolina May 2, 1888,

"In response to the call of Col. R.W. Simpson, executor of the will of the late Thomas G. Clemson, the seven trustees appointed by the will met this day at Fort Hill. A temporary organization was formed by electing Col. R.E. Bowen chairman and Capt. D.K. Norris secretary. All of the trustees signed their willingness to serve the board then organized permanently by electing Col. R.W. Simpson as chairman and J.E. Wannamaker as secretary and adjourned subject to the call of the chairman.

"Whereas, Thomas G. Clemson by his will dated Nov. 6, 1886 provided for the establishment of an agricultural college on the Fort Hill place, and therein appointed as trustees of said college the following gentleman, to wit: R.W. Simpson, D.K. Norris, M.L. Donaldson, R.E. Bowen, B.R. Tillman, J.E. Wannamaker, and J.E. Bradley, and requested the said trustees to meet as soon after his death as practicable, and organize and fill all vacancies and aid in effectuating the purpose set forth in said will, now, therefore, we the undersigned trustees appointed as aforesaid, hereby accept the position as trustees conferred upon us by Thomas G. Clemson in said will May 2nd, 1886."
R.W. Simpson
D.K. Norris
M.L. Donaldson
J.E. Bradley
R.E. Bowen
J.E. Wannamaker
B.R. Tillman


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