Historic Markers Across South Carolina

Hickory Grove Schools

Marker ID: SCHM 46-44
Location: W side of Wylie Ave., Hickory Grove, SC
County: York
Style: Free Standing **


Hickory Grove School, a two-story brick building constructed in 1916 on Peachtree St., was built for grades 1-11. In 1928 Hickory Grove High School, a one-story brick building, was constructed at the corner of Wylie Ave. and Wilkerson St. as a separate high school. The Works Progress Administration built a teacherage, bus shed, vocational building, and lunchroom in 1939.

The high school and elementary school closed in 1975 and 1988, respectively. The 1916 elementary school was demolished in 1998; the 1928 high school was demolished in 1990. The 1939 vocational building, lunchroom, and bus shed are still standing. In 2010 the vocational building houses a magistrate´s office, and the lunchroom houses a senior citizens´/community center.

Erected by Comporium and the Culture & Heritage Museums of York County, 2010