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Americans in Redcoats

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Kings Mountain National Military Park near Blacksburg, South Carolina
County: York
Coordinates: N 35° 8.398    W 081° 23.05
  35.13996666    -81.38416666


Americans in Redcoats

These things are ominous -
these are the damned yelling boys!

Abraham DePeyster, New York loyalist officer

British war drums bellowed the alarm as 120 battle-hardened veterans in red took their places in line here they were the first to face the Whig woodsmen moving up through the trees below. Mounting bayonets as they had in countless drills before, they charged the riflemen.

British hopes to end the 6-year-long rebellion rested on Americans such as these. Leaders in London thought that a backbone of provincial soldiers could set the example, training Tory militia to march and fight properly. Together the Americans in redcoats and local loyalists might well reestablish Crown control in the South.

Furguson´s provincial regiments

King´s American Regiment
Captain DePeyster -New York

Loyal American Regiment
Major Main - New York

New York Volunteers
Captain Ryerson

Prince of Wales American Regiment
Sergeant Townsend - Connecticut and New York

Erected by Kings Mountain National Military Park - National Park Service - U.S. Department of the Interior.


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