Bedford County (002)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Bedford County was created on 1807.

The county seat is in Shelbyville, TN.,
and the county is 474 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 3 and the County Group is G.

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  FIPS Code: 47003

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There are 26 Historic Markers in Bedford County.

Andrews’ Raiders   -   THC 3G 16
  on Wartrace Park (U.S. 64), Shelbyville, TN        

Army of Tennessee   -   THC 3G 7
  TN 64, Bedford County, near Fairfield, TN        

Army of Tennessee June 27, 1863   -   THC 3G 6
  on Shelbyville Highway (Tennessee Route 231), Christiana, TN        

Army of Tennessee June 27, 1863   -   THC 3G 8
  U.S. 41A, Bedford County, west outskirts of Shelbyville        

Austin C. Shofner   -    
  intersection of North Main St. (U.S. 82) and Florida Short Route, Shelbyville, TN        

Bedford - Rutherford County Line   -   THC 3A 7

Bedford - Rutherford County Line   -   THC 3A 47

Bedford - Rutherford County Line   -   THC 3G 7

Bedford - Rutherford County Line   -   THC 3G 47

Beechwood Plantation   -   THC 3G 42
  on Cortner Road (County Route 269), Wartrace, TN        

Church of the Redeemer   -   THC 3G 23
  on E. Lane St. near N. Brittain St, Shelbyville, TN        

Church of the Redeemer   -   THC 3G 24
  U.S. 41A, Bedford County, in Shelbyville, North Jefferson and East Lane streets        

Clement Cannon, Sr.   -   THC 3G 29
  at the intersection of Judge Mac Farrar Memorial Highway (State Highway 82) and South Brittain Street, Shelbyville, TN        

Confederate Cemetery   -   THC 3G 22
  on Lane Pkwy. (County Route 387), Shelbyville, TN        

Fighting in Shelbyville   -    
  Bedford County Courthouse, is at the intersection of Public Square East (TN Route 130) and West Depot Street, Shelbyville, TN        

Henry Brevard Davidson   -   THC 3G 28
  on North Main St., Shelbyville, TN        

In Memory of the "Shelbyville Rebels" Co. F.   -    
  101 Public Square, Shelbyville, TN        

Martin Shofner 1758 - 1838   -    
  on Alternate U.S. 41 just west of Shofner Road, Shelbyville, TN        

Prentice Cooper 1895-1969   -   THC 3G 31
  on East Lane Street, Shelbyville, TN        

Shelbyville, Tennessee   -    
  201 N. Spring St., Shelbyville, TN        

Strolling Jim   -   THC 3G 34
  3874 Blackman Boulevard West, Wartrace, TN        

Tate School 1908-1933   -   THC 3G 35
  Sevier Street, Shelbyville, TN        

Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration   -   THC 3G 37
  on Jessup Place near 1110 Evans St., Shelbyville, TN        

Tribute to Revolutionary War Veterans of Bedford County, Tennesee   -   DAR 
  at the intersection of Main St and Holland St, Shelbyville, TN        

Wartrace   -   THC 3G 44
  Blackman Boulevard (U.S. 64),Wartrace, TN        

Webb School   -   THC 3G 27
  319 Webb Rd E (State Highway 82), Bell Buckle, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.