Blount County (005)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Blount County was created on 1795.

The county seat is in Maryville, TN.,
and the county is 559 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 1 and the County Group is E.

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  FIPS Code: 47009

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There are 46 Historic Markers in Blount County.

Alleghany Springs   -   THC 1E 49
  at the intersection of Caldenwood Highway (U.S. 129) and 6 Mile Road (Tennessee Route 336), Maryville, TN        

Amerine's Forge   -   THC 1E 20
  TN 73, Blount County, opposite Chilhowee Inn        

An Early Mountain Community   -    
  in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, near the Cades Cove Visitor Center, Townsend, TN        

Baker's Creek Church   -   THC 1E 17
  U.S. 129, Blount County, 12 miles south of Maryville, TN        

Bartlett's Station   -   THC 1E 40
  U.S. 129, Blount County, at Knox County line        

Blount - Knox County Line   -   THC 1E 11
  on Old Knoxville Highway (TN Route 33), Rockford, TN        

Blount - Loudon County Line   -   THC 1E 10

Blount - Sevier County Line   -   THC 1C 36

Blount County - North Carolina Line   -   THC 1E 9

Blount County's First Court   -   THC 1E 54
  TN 73, Blount County, in Alcoa, at Hunt Road        

Chilhowee   -   THC 1E 14
  on U.S. 129 half a mile east of Happy Valley Road, Tallassee, TN        

Civilian Conservation Corps   -    
  on Cades Cove Loop Road, in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Townsend, TN        

Craig Fort - 1785   -   DAR 
  intersection of South Washington St (TN Route 411) and Neff St,Maryville, TN        

Early Tollgate   -   THC 1E 37
  U.S. 129, Blount County, south of Calderwood, TN        

Eusesbia Church   -   THC 1E 19
  1701 Burnett Station Road, Seymour, TN        

Freedman's Institute   -   THC 1E 104
  at the intersection of South Cedar Street and West Broadway Avenue (U.S. 411), Maryville, TN        

Friendsville   -   THC 1E 57
  U.S. 129 & 321, Blount County, at Howard Jones Road        

Gamble's Station   -   THC 1E 48
  U.S. 321 0.4 miles north of Foothills Parkway, Walland TN        

General Sam Houston   -   THC 
  3650 Old Sam Houston School Road, Maryville, TN        

Houston's Station   -   THC 1E 5
  1836 Calderwood Hwy, Maryville, TN        

James Gillespy's Fort   -   THC 1E 18
  TN 73, Blount County, 300 yards from airport entrance        

John Craig's Fort   -   THC 1E 100
  at the intersection of South Washington Street (State Highway 35) and Sevierville Road, Maryville, TN        

John Mitchel   -   THC 1E 13
  on Wears Valley Road (U.S. 321) just north of Lamar Alexander Parkway (U.S. 321), Townsend, TN        

Maryville College   -   THC 1E 42
  on E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy (Route 321), Maryville, TN        

Maryville During the Civil War   -    
  Maryville-Alcoa Greenway in Bicentennial Greenbelt Park, Maryville, TN        

Maryville Polytechnic School   -    
  on West Broadway Ave. Maryville, TN        

McTeer's Fort   -   THC 1E 22
  U.S. 411, Blount County, 0.2 mile west of Eusebia Church        

Middlesettlements   -   THC 1E 47
  TN 73, Blount County, at junction with road to Louisville        

Montvale Springs   -   THC 1E 56
  on Broadway Avenue (State Highway 33), Maryville, TN        

New Providence Church   -   THC 1E 46
  703 West Broadway Avenue, at the intersection with Cates Street, Maryville, TN        

Parson's Thrnpike   -   THC 1E 52
  US. 129, Blount County, at lower road to Calderwood, TN        

Porter Academy   -   THC 1E 59
  TN 33, Blount County, in Maryville, TN, Wildwood Road        

Pride Mansion   -   THC 1E 55
  416 W Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN        

Relief of Knoxville   -   THC 1E 75
  on Broadway Avenue (State Highway 33), Maryville, TN        

Sam Houston American Giant Homesite   -   THC 1E 108
  Blount County, 3 miles north of us. 411 on Salem Road        

Sam Houston Schoolhouse   -   THC 1E 6
  U.S. 129, Blount County, 4.25 miles northeast of Maryville, TN        

Sam Houston Statue   -    
  at the intersection of West Broadway Ave (TN Route 411) and West Lamar Alexander Parkway (TN Route 321), Maryville, TN        

Sam Houston's Boyhood Home   -   THC 1E 12
  U.S. 129 & 411, Blount County, east of Loudon County line        

Samuel Henry's Station   -   THC 1E 51
  on U.S. 411 half a mile north of Henry Lane, at 5092 US Hwy 411 S, Maryville, TN        

Tallahassee Village   -   THC 1E 53
  US. 129, Blount County, at upper road leading to Calderwood, TN        

Thckaleeehee Church   -   THC 1E 21
  TN 73, Blount County, in east city limits of Townsend. TN        

The Little River Lumber Company   -   THC 1E 110
  on E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy (Route 321), Townsend TN        

The Underground Railroad   -    
  at the intersection of West Hill Avenue and Church Street, Friendsville, TN        

Tuckaleechee Villages   -   THC 1E 15
  on US Hwy 321 0.1 miles east of Old Tuckaleechee Road, Townsend TN        

Where Houston Enlisted   -   THC 1E 16
  at the intersection of Broadway Ave. and Cusick St., Maryville, TN        

William Bennett Scott, Sr. ca. 1821 - 1885   -   THC 1E 109
  at the intersection of West Lamar Alexander Parkway (U.S. 321) and Cates Street, Maryville, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.