Carroll County (009)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Carroll County was created on 1821.

The county seat is in Huntingdon, TN.,
and the county is 599 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 4 and the County Group is A.

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  FIPS Code: 47017

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There are 26 Historic Markers in Carroll County.

Bethel College   -   THC 4A 22
  325 Cherry Ave, Mc Kenzie, TN        

Bethel College   -   THC 4A 42
  Mc Kenzie, TN        

Carroll / Henry County   -   THC 4A 4

Christmasville   -   THC 4A 33
  4082 Hwy 190 (at milepost 4), Trezevant TN        

Clarksburg - Prelude, Battle of Parker's Crossroads   -    
  at the intersection of Lexington Clarksburg Road (Tennessee Route 22) and Tennessee Route 424, Clarksburg, TN        

Clear Lake   -   THC 4A 16
  2 Old Paris Road, at the intersection with State Route 22, Mc Kenzie, TN        

First County Court   -   THC 4A 13
  on Main Street (Alternate U.S. 70) 0.1 miles east of McLemoresville Road, Lemoresville, TN        

Forrest's Raid Dec. 24, 1862   -   THC 4A 11
  14674 US 79, Mc Kenzie, TN        

Forrest's Raid Dec. 29, 1862   -   THC 4A 12
  at the intersection of Main Street (State Highway 77) and College Street (State Highway 105), Mc Lemoresville, TN        

Furgerson Cemetery   -   THC 4A 25
  TN 104, Carroll County, 5 miles south of Hopewell Church        

Gibson County / Gibson County   -   THC 4A 17
  at the intersection of Atwood Highway (U.S. 79) and Cades Atwood Road, Milan, TN        

Gordon Browning 1889 - 1976   -   THC 4A 34
  at the intersection of Atwod Highway (U.S. 79) and Jax Road, Atwood, TN        

Governor Alvin Hawkins   -   THC 4A 31
  U.S. 70, Carroll County, at Buena Vista Road        

Harris-Collier-Holland Farm   -    
  on North Carroll Street 0.3 miles north of East Smith Avenue, Mc Kenzie, TN        

Hillsman House   -   THC 4A 35
  6619 North Broad Street, at the intersection with Oak Grove Road (Old McKenzie Road), Trezevant TN        

Hollowrock Church   -   THC 4A 14
  at the intersection of West Broad Street (U.S. 70) and Bayless Street, Bruceton, TN        

Isaac R. Hawkins   -   THC 4A 27
  at the intersection of Lexington Street (Business Tennessee Route 22) and Noles Lane, Huntingdon, TN        

James Monroe McKenzie 1818 - 1873   -   THC 4A 46
  2331 Cedar Street, at the intersection with Broadway Street, Mc Kenzie, TN        

Madison / Carroll County   -   THC 4A 2

McKenzie's Station - A Strategic Junction   -    
  at the intersection of North Main Street and Cedar Street (Tennessee Route 124), Mc Kenzie, TN        

Nathan Nesbitt   -   THC 4A 9
  at the intersection of East Main Street (Business U.S. 70) and Buena Vista Road, Huntingdon, TN        

Oak Hill Cemetery   -   THC 4A 28
  at the intersection of East Main Street (U.S. 70) and Oakhill Drive, Huntingdon, TN        

Old Racetrack   -   THC 4A 8
  at the intersection of Tennessee Route 22 and Lexington Street (Business Tennessee Route 22), Huntingdon, TN        

Roan's Creek Church   -   THC 4A 18
  On Tenn. 22 at Roans Creek Church Road, Wildersville, TN        

Webb School   -   THC 4A 43
  17257 US 79, Mc Kenzie, TN        

xis de Tocqueville At Sandy Bridge   -   THC 4A 53
  at the intersection of Broad Street (U.S. 70) and Wall Street, Hollow Rock, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.