Claiborne County (013)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Claiborne County was created on 1801.

The county seat is in Tazewell, TN.,
and the county is 434 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 1 and the County Group is D.

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  FIPS Code: 47025

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There are 16 Historic Markers in Claiborne County.

Big Spring Church   -   THC 1D 10
  U.S. 25E, Claiborne County, 8 miles southeast of Tazewell        

Claiborne - Grainger County Line   -   THC 1D 5

Claiborne - Hancock County Line   -   THC 1B 11

Cumberland Gap   -   THC 1D 8
  on Merlyn St near the corner of Colwyn St in Cumberland Gap, TN        

Daniel Boone's Trail   -    
  near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee        

Harrow School   -   THC 1D 13
  on N Cumberland Dr near the corner of Selwyn Ave in Cumberland Gap, TN.        

Iron Furnace   -   NPS 
  in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee        

Kentucky - Tennessee, Claiborne County Line   -   THC 1D 4

Lincoln and Cumberland Gap - Passage to the West   -    
  adjacent to the parking lot for the Abraham Lincoln Museum, on on University Boulevard (Mars-DeBusk Parkway), Harrogate TN        

Lincoln Memorial University   -   THC 1D 12
  U.S. 25E, Claiborne County, near entrance to LMU        

Lincoln Memorial University   -   THC 1D 36
  At the corner of the north entrance to the LMU campus on the Daniel Boone Greenway, Harrogate, TN        

Pioneer's Grave   -   THC 1D 9
  U.S. 25E, Claiborne County, TN 63        

Return from Kentucky   -   THC 1D 18
  U.S. 25E, Claiborne County, near town of Cumberland Gap        

Three States Cornerstone   -   THC 1D 14
  on Pennlyn Ave near the corner of Llewelyn St in Cumberland Gap, TN        

Virginia - Tennessee, Claiborne County Line   -   THC 1D 11

Yoakum's Station   -   THC 1D 19
  Claiborne County, 5 miles northeast of Speedwell        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.